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Razor Films is an award winning production company whose first feature
film, ‘THE HONEY KILLER’, has achieved ‘cult status’ around the world
and is soon to be released on AMAZON PRIME from April 2018.

We are currently in pre-production with our second feature film ‘HANDFUL OF THIEVES’, a fast-moving bank heist movie set in southern Spain, with shades of a modern, spaghetti western.

We have four screenplays in development

Handful of Thieves – Completed (Nominated Best International Screenplay 2018, Beverly Hills Film Festival)

‘H-o- T’ follows the story of Allegra, a beautiful, Spanish gypsy girl who specialises in stealing off other thieves and the very rich. When three Las Vegas con-artists and thieves arrive in southern Spain, looking to launder five million in Eurdollars and one of them is Allegra's ex-boyfriend and partner, a chain of events is triggered that drags Allegra and the three men into a bank robbery that not only spirals out of control, it becomes a showdown for an act of revenge some eight years in the waiting.

Fast Lane to Eden – Completed (Award Winner)

An epic, rollercoaster ride of a road movie. When Cassidy, the beautiful and cunning ex- lover and partner of con-artist Ricthie, steals the key to a safety deposit box to a fortune, it triggers an epic and explosive car chase across the southern States of America. A modern day ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ meets American Hustle'.

The Honey Killers – In Development

Five female assassins reunite for one last act of vengeance. A modern day Magnificent Seven.

One Life To Go – Completed (Awards Quarter Finalist)

Life's Losers and their Chance to Steal a Million.